From 2015 to 2016, SMEs have accounted for over 445 million businesses worldwide and it’s safe to say that whilst large corporations may be better known and more widespread, SMEs make the world go round. SMEs employ more people than other large establishments. These businesses employ about 45%* of the world’s population.SMEs are also responsible for driving innovation and competition in many economic sectors.

It does seem like SMEs globally are having a harder time competing and getting themselves out there without running them out of business. Especially with the increasing turbulent cost basis reliant on an ever fluctuating, or rather increasing, fx rate.

SMEs are in a great  position to benefit majorly from the opportunities held within social media.

Today’s consumers are increasingly tuning into the digital word-of-mouth advertising and hence increasing share of voice for smaller brands. Also, as the digital space is at the fingertips of a higher percentage of citizens, more awareness on how much the digital space can drive SME success will help businesses utilise the space effectively, which is one of the things we try to achieve for our clients here at Digital Republic NG (DR).

Finding the right digital partner will boost an SME from a Zero to a Hero in a relatively short period of time.

Here at DR we pride ourselves in seeking the right avenues to achieve these objectives which many small businesses aim to conquer. Through the right partnerships, we help get a great product (or service) on the radar of  intended consumers.

SMEs should seek to start up with a digital agency that will deliver the total package to achieve their clientele potential. We at DR have the skills to offer such a package and look forward to taking discussions forward with potential clients.