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Here are our five favourite digital news stories of the week.

TechCrunch is back in Africa next week!

TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield is headed back to Africa to find the next wave of early stage startups tackling big ideas.


Zuckerberg testifies

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook’s founder prepares for a two-day grilling from politicians over privacy and election.


Dubai to launch digital number plates

In a trial starting next month, vehicles will be fitted with smart plates with digital screens, GPS, and transmitters that can report emergencies.


Uber buys electric bike-sharing startup JUMP

Uber has acquired bike-sharing startup JUMP for an undisclosed amount of money.


Google rolls out better way to search for movies

Google has rolled out a new feature that helps you better plan your night at the movies.


Mobile apps downloads breaks the records again

Google Play and iOS downloads grew more than 10 percent year-over-year to reach 27.5 billion — the highest figure to date.